Helpful advice planning your wedding.

Planning a wedding often seems as easy as a walk in the park. Truth be known its far from being easy if you genuinely plan on a memorable event. Call me a traditionalist if you like but I happen to think weddings are a really special one time event.

Even simple weddings (like our own was) are genuinely special events that happen only once in your lifetime. Why not plan it to be something your grand children will ask you about? Who am I to be an authority on planning 'your' wedding? I am Ryadia™, part of the company that owns the business of 'Planning Weddings'. My wife Margie plans and runs every Wedding Expo we hold. We have long experience in the wedding industry. I started out as a Wedding photographer in 1968. Apart from a 10 year break I've photographed weddings right up to breaking my back on the job. You'll see me at our Wedding expos getting around with the help of a walking aid. I'm still passionate about weddings!

Morayfield Wedding Expo

A great start is a Planning Weddings Expo.

Above is a snap from one of our recent (Morayfield) Wedding Expos. Most of the 65 exhibitors had something to offer people planning their wedding that you might never find anyone to provide. Wedding cakes (for example). They are curiously still being decorated as if they were on a fruit cake but instead, many brides don't want the everlasting fruit cake and instead insist on a 'mud cake' base. There are structural concerns with using a less supportive cake than a fruit cake that might not be fully understood by an artistic decorator more concerned with presentation than the ability of a mud cake to support several layers.

Wedding gowns are another area of the Industry in the process of massive change. Buying gowns on-line is an appealing temptation when your ideal gown is quoted at $1500 or more. The temptation can rapidly change to disappointment when the $75 gown you ordered from China actually arrives. Don't get me wrong here, I'm all for saving money but seriously... Buying something as personal as your wedding gown without trying it on?

Well there's good news on that front. If you look carefully at the picture above you'll see a stage full of affordable wedding attire. Until I saw the truck load of gowns and suits arrive, I thought they were just selling wedding gowns from a shop recently closed. Nothing could be further from the truth. Wedding gowns you could try on, have altered to the perfect fit. They had nothing over $500 and some for as little as $50! They worked from home. Imported Gowns from Chinese dressmakers (not websites that passed on your order) and guess what? They are coming to all our expos in 2016! Why don't you come too?

Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.

"William Shakespeare"

Some time ago I published a 65 point 'wedding planner' intending to help anyone planning their own wedding. I don't recall anyone ever saying they used it but if you want, its still on our 'weddingsNportraits' website. Feel free to help yourself to it. We no longer photograph weddings, by the way.

Knowledge is something you have to accumulate over a long period of time. Sure, many of your friends are able to help you plan a wedding. My own daughter planned her friend's wedding from where to dress right through to the limo being on time to take her and her new husband to their motel. Frankly, I was surprised at how smoothly it all ran. That was in 2000. I'd be a hypocrite if I tried to tell you that you need professionals to plan a perfect wedding. The problem with planning a wedding today is not ability but time. How many of us can actually devote four weeks full on to plan your wedding or someone elses?

In the year 2000 the price of petrol was 40ยข per litre. Running through a tank of petrol every week whilst helping a friend was no big deal. Today, with petrol costing over three times as much, it is a big deal when you are doing it as a favor. This is why coming to a Planning Weddings Expo to find most of the people you need all under the one roof with space to move and willingness to talk, makes good sense when you are planning your wedding.

Uh oh! Let me guess. A Planning Weddings Expo is out of your area. We even thought of that when creating this website. We have under constant development our Planning Weddings directory of Wedding Professionals where everyone with an ABN ( business people we know about ) supplying the Wedding industry has at least a free listing. Many who choose to advertise with us have really great offerings you won't find anywhere else. Looking for any one with a quick search of a few hundred different categories is bound to turn up someone to help you plan your own wedding.