What can you expect from an Expo?

There is a significant difference between a Expo intended to help you plan your wedding and an Expo that has a fashion parade as its main attraction. The concept of a "Planning Weddings" Expo is not to show you the latest in bridal wear and fill any vacant space with photographers to help pay for the cost but to plan from the start to provide a variety of exhibitors.

Certainly there will be bridal wear on display from some brilliant Dressmakers and Designers but our main aim is to show you a variety of amazing ideas by equally amazing people experienced in weddings. You can literally plan your wedding at our Expos. We provide the space and environment where you can talk to professionals about your wedding cake or photography or any of the dozens of specialists you will need to help plan your wedding. We have always adopted a limit on the number of exhibitors in any one catagory. This is so you really can talk to exhibitors with the minimum of pres sure from too many people trying to sell too much to too few couples. Our system is not rocket science. Its based on a proven '10% system. Way too simple for some but it means we only ever have a maximum of 10% of the total of exhibitors in any one catorgory.

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We pride ourselves in the standard of our exhibitors many of whom are Internationally recognized, award winning specialists in their field. We choose our Expo locations carefully to avoid having limitations on who can exhibit. Quite often locations that also cater for receptions will seek to prevent rivals from exhibiting. For that reason we try wherever possible to avoid using such locations.Redlands Boat Club offer excellent catering facilities themselves but havenever tried to prevent other caterers from exhibiting.

Nothing has ever come close to the sheer joy of knowing I married my best friend.

whispered not in my ear but to my heart.

At one time a Wedding was considered a family event that fathers of the bride were expected pay for. Many I attended were lavish events often funded with borrowed money. As time progressed and females took up equality in society, the concept of marraige and funding weddings also changed. Many couples today already have a family they feel needs to be united by marraige.

Our own daughter refused point blank to let her parents (us) pay for anything. The tradition of inviting relatives who are seldom seen at other times was replaced on the guest list by her and her fiance's friends. Her daughter was her bride's maid!

How things have changed. I honestly felt relieved that the looming cost of her wedding - that had been hanging over me like a dark cloud for so long was gone.I can understand now why she wanted to plan her own wedding without what she saw as interference in who she could invite.

The only thing she regrets about her decission is not finding the money for a professional photographer, despite the fact we owned a studio, she insisted on choosing a photographer of her choice. It truly was a bad decission. Everything else was well planned and the few relatives she did invite still keep in contact, fifteen years down the track. There is only one chance to capture Memories of your wedding. Lose it and they are lost forever.