Cardboard 'disposable' cameras were once the only choice for people wanting to give their guests a camera to capture moments that Professional Photographers simply don't get... Over the table Reception shots.

We've changed that outdated and expensive throw away system to offering a Digital, 3.1 Megapixel camera that can take up to 120 shots (less with flash) and video clips. The good part is that they are re-usable! Just change the batteries and away you go.

When you install the supplied 'Image Maker' software and hook one up to your computer, using the USB cable that comes with the camera... You can do just about anything with the results. They come in a choice of blue or purple colours.

So the cost must be more than a disposable right? WRONG!

 The price is just $19.99 each —  Buy 11 or more and pay just $14.99 each. To purchase... ph. 0431 423 760 or Email Margie or... Buy online at