My own Wedding site?

For a surprisingly small cost you can choose from our selection of wedding themes and have your own wedding site, complete with gift registry that automatically records with retailers of your choice.


Planning your Wedding

It all sounds so easy. Planning your wedding I mean. Right up to the point of finding experienced and caring professionals you can rely on. We've heard of many 'self planned' wedding that were spectacular. When we were actively photographing weddings, we even photographed some.

Sadly, we've also seen some absolute disasters. Not just 'self planned' ones but professionally planned weddings that just didn't go the way they were intended to. Quite often these disasters could have been avoided if only someone had experienced similar things in the past. This website, our Directory of Professionals and our Expos exist to help you plan your own spectacular wedding.

Certainly we don't have every really good professional at our Expos. There are simply to many helpful and professional people and companies for us to get together under the one roof. The best we can do is ensure our expos are ethical and not over crowded. When you are looking for someone to help with your wedding, I urge you to use our Directory. We try to include everyone in the wedding industry in this one searchable directory dedicated to the Australian Wedding Industry.